At Simply Implants™ our implants are just $99!

SI Implant Systems

Defined: SI Implant Systems was specifically designed with the business model of a General Dentistry office in mind.

Three Systems:

1: Simply Implants: (Implant Company)
A new premium implant company designed specifically for the general practice. Premium, moderately tapered internal hex implants. The Institute is owned by the very implant company that the dentist wants to use. Priced where a general dentist will profit no matter if the dentist is in-network with insurance or not. Geared to make the GP profitable even when the dentist has a failure of a placed implant. No longer will the dentist have to worry about the implant costs in the office.

2: SI Implant Institute: (Training Company)
The first of its kind. Higher education to implement implants into a practice at the next level! It’s an institute that trains dentists to become proficient at placing implants, owned by the very own implant company that the dentist wants to use.

No more buying an implant system and putting it on the shelf. We here at Simply Implants, LLC take pride in training our doctors and supporting them as they gain their confidence in doing implants in their own practices. Designed for a dentist that has zero training.

The courses are taught by instructors who are current practitioners and will guide you into implementing implants at your practice. Courses are not taught by academic teachers with no real-world practice experience. Designed to give the student a continued structure of support after training has ended. It’s a group of like-minded practitioners who will always support each other to make all more successful.

3: SI Dental Laboratory: (Restorative Lab) 
First of its kind. A dental laboratory owned by an implant company to give a supportive role to the doctors that use their system. Supportive defined as giving a product that will come from dental implant lab trained technicians and owned by the very same company that the dentist used in placement. Who better to know how to restore their very own product. Yep, that’s right, Simply Implants!

No more worrying about what dental implant parts you have to get to send your lab. No more asking if the lab restores your implants. No more having to track down the local rep to see what you need. We have the parts at the lab and since our lab technicians are experts in the system, technicians can grab dental implant parts directly that you need, which will reduce waste and remakes, which in turn will increase profits in the doctors office.

Also, the dentist may or may not use a top notch lab of restorative dentistry. Remember, the implant company will subsidize the laboratory to make top notch restorative products at an affordable cost. No more implants, crowns, or screw retained crowns that don’t fit. Remember the implant restoration is as important as the implant placed! We understand implant restorations. That is why it is important that Simply Implants™ supports its customers. Also as a perk for joining Simply Implants™, the SI lab will accept general dentistry crowns and bridges not on implants to help with office cash flow.

Each component designed to support the dentist in successfully doing implant dentistry.