At Simply Implants™ our implants are just $99!

Simply Implants™ is the only company that created an implant system based on the business of dentistry. Simply Implants™ understands the operating costs of a dental practice and the fees dentists earn for implant procedures. Most implant companies base their pricing on fees earned by specialists and the implant company’s primary focus on their company’s profits. Simply Implants™ is the implant company which is changing the implant market by placing the power back into the dentist’s hands. How?

Simply Implants™ slogan is “simple, quick, affordable.”


Simply Implants™ designed the system to feature four styles of implants. All parts and accessories are compatible with all four styles of implants. Simply Implants™ are compatible with 5 other systems on the market. Simply Implants™ also took parts and merged them together so a dentist would not have to buy more inventory. Some parts were merged to save cost and time. The Simply Implants™ surgical kit is simple for any dentist to be able to learn and use. The system quick and simple with the same high quality as our competitors.


The Simply Implants™ system was designed so it does not have many parts. Some parts were merged to save cost, time and streamline the process. Designed with an SI Cheat Drill System to save on how many drills a dentist requires in surgery. The Simply Implants™ system is designed to quickly restore implants with minimal effort. This design makes the system quick, simple and with the same level of quality as our competitors.


No other implant company has developed a product designed and created with premium materials to produce a high-grade implant with the primary focus of maintaining top quality while keeping costs down. Simply Implants™ designed the system to be incorporated into any practice whether insurance-based or fee-for-service. Dentists will never again have to be concerned with the “cost ratio in comparison to gross revenue” again.

At Simply Implants™ our implants are just $99.

• No more CRAZY costs.

• No more worry about insurance fees compared to the implant purchase cost.

• No more worry about costs if an implant fails.

• No more worry about multiple parts THAT you must purchase.

Now the implant may be the most profitable procedure in your office.

IMAGINE… Once implemented into your office… the cost of placing implants using the Simply Implants™ system will be 10 percent or less using standard in-network PPO fees!!! WOW!

Simply Implants™ is the only complete system:

1. We provide you with premium titanium implants at just $99 each.

2. We train you on our products, placement of implants, and the restorations.

3. We support your practice on the use of the product.

SI Implant Premium Surgical Kit