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A new form of allogeneic bone product now exists. SI POWER™, an Allograft Sponge, is demineralized trabecular bone the is softer and more malleable than existing demineralized bone products. Due to its elastic nature, the hydrated Allograft Sponge conforms to irregular voids and expands by 20 to 30%. This eases and speeds the application of grafting material to sites groomed for future dental implant placements. SI POWER™, an Allograft Sponge, is osteoinductive and osteoconductive. In studies after graft placement and healing time completed (in all cases), the bone was dense, had good quality and could be drilled without incident.


  1. Promotes the formation of new bone by enhancing this dynamic process.
  2. Osteoconductive – is the process by which capillary ingrowth into the DBM allograft occurs from the associated recipient tissue. Osteoprogenitor and other cells can attach on the interconnected porous scaffold, migrate and form new blood vessels. The highly porous nature of SI POWER™, an Allograft Sponge, facilitates this process by providing an interconnected extracellular scaffold that promotes cellular ingrowth.
  3. Novel form of demineralized cancellous bone matrix (DBM) that is made from 100% cadaveric bone.
  4. DBM absorbs its weight in fluid and expands up to 30% in volume when hydrated.
  5. Easily transferred to the extraction site in surgery.
  6. Compressible nature and is easily packed to fill irregular extraction sites or labial defects.
  7. SI POWER™, an Allograft Sponge can be used with or without the SI Force™ depending on case. The matrix and porous nature was designed specifically to be used perfectly with SI Force™.
  8. Osteoinduction – In addition to an environment facilitating cellular ingrowth, new bone formation requires the presence of cell signaling molecules to stimulate new bone growth. This process is called osteoinduction.

Procedures for SI POWER™:

  • Extraction site grafting prior to implant placement
  • Maxillary sinus grafting prior to implant placement
  • Used in an Immediate Implant Placement 

Advanced Bone Grafting Procedure:

  • SI POWER™, an Allograft Sponge, can be used alone in a surgery combined with a collagen membrane.
  • SI POWER™, an Allograft Sponge, and SI Force™ is used together in a surgery with a collagen membrane for superior healing time and bone formation.

SI POWER™, an Allograft Sponge: 8 x 8 x 8 used for premolars and anteriors, or 10 x 10 x 10 used for molars, large roots and in quad surgeries. SI POWER™, an allograft sponge can be billed out to insurance like a normal graft.