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Based on Stem Cell Technology, SI FORCE is the most cryopreserved amniotic fluid allograft, minimally manipulated, biological injectable intended for homologous use. The following cell surface proteins, which are indicative of amniotic membrane, have been detected in SI Force™: CD44, c-Kit, CD90, & CD105

Analysis of cryopreserved SI Force™ typically indicates >75% cell viability. Beneficial proteins detected in amniotic fluid include:

Alpha-2-macroglobulin     TIMPs 1 &2

Collagen types I-V            Angiogenin

IL1-RA                               BMP-4

Adiponectin                       BFGF

Fibronectin                         And many more….

Based on Stem Cell Technology, SI Force™ is a 100% natural, minimally processed amniotic fluid supplement that will aide in the regeneration process. Natural yet effective. SI Force™ contains beneficial proteins, growth factors and signaling molecules that restore balance and supports a healthy tissue environment. SI Force™ is currently used in medicine for many procedures and one being procedures for (OA) osteoarthritis patients.


  1. Amniotic fluid contains naturally-occuring human hyaluronic acid unlike traditional visco supplements such as those derived from animal sources or bacterial fermentation.
  2. Cryopreservation of amniotic fluid tissue components in SI FORCE™ protects them from degradation and promotes optimal bioactivity.
  3. Processing of SI FORCE™ involves removal of contaminants and potentially inflammatory components normally present in amniotic fluid.
  4. SI FORCE™ restores pH levels similar to that of healthy synovial fluid, allowing for recovery and even the slowing of degradative processes that drive tissue destruction and osteoarthritic pain.

Procedures for SI Force™:

  • Used with SI Alo-Sponge™ on any extraction site
  • Used with SI Alo-Sponge™ on any extraction and immediate placement implant case
  • Used in any sinus lift surgery
  • Used where bone grafting is necessary
  • Used where a patient health history is compromised or when you suspect slower healing
  • Used in medicine for OA patients as well as TMD patients with TMJ issues.

SI Force™: .25 ml used for single tooth, .5 ml  used for two teeth, or 1 ml used for quad surgeries. Suggested retail price to patients are .25ml - $500, .5ml - $1,000, 1ml - $2,000. Not billable to insurance