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Core 1: Intro to Dental Implants (2 day course) – 18 hrs CE

Regular price $4,950.00

What: Intro to Dental Implants (2 day course) – 18 hrs CE
Where: Simply Implants Institute-Glendale, Arizona

Cost: $4,950 for the Course
• Includes hands-on training (patients will be provided), implant lectures and the initial membership fee to the nationwide study group for SI dentists. You will also have rights to use the company’s lab.

Core 1:  Basic Training for Placing Implants

-This is a two-day course that gives 18 hours of CE.  This course is designed to give the dentist the background and knowledge to get ready to take the surgical portion of our course.

-This course is a didactic course taught by real, active practitioners who place over 80 implants a month in their own practices

-This course is designed for the general dentist that has absolutely NO IMPLANT EXPERIENCE!!!

-This course is designed to teach techniques for implant placement and restorative techniques. This gives the doctor an edge in the marketplace for his/her dental practice

-This course is designed to show the dentist how to double their production and free their practice financially (the implant procedure will be the most [profitable procedure in the doctor’s office).

-Doctors will learn how to examine the bone and determine the size of the implant needed

-Doctors will learn all the practical techniques for placement of a dental implant

-Doctors will learn how to use the SI System

-Doctors will learn the following:

*SI Tools and parts of the surgical and restorative kit

*Surgical Armamentarium (What’s a dental implant? We go over it’s parts and the numbers that you need to know)

*General Introduction on Placement of the Implant

*Implant Placement

*4 Types of Procedures

*Generalized Bone grafting for the general dentist

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